Building a New IPAM System using Netbox and Batfish

Our requirements

VLAN group (if attached to a VLAN)
VLAN (if attached to a VLAN)
Description (optional if it isn’t in CID or the config required moving forward)
Status (Active, Reserved, Container, Deprecated)
Role (matching the vlan group role)
Netbox Prefix View
Netbox Prefix View Mockup

Populating Netbox using Batfish

class prefix:
def __init__(self, network_object):
self.network_object = network_object
self.in_CID = False
self.in_route_table = False
self.in_batfish = False
self.batfish_devices = list()
self.description = None
self.vrf = None
self.role = None #Dev : 2, Prod : 1 , Management : 3
self.interfaces_batfish = list()
self.status = None #Active, Container, Reserved, Deprecated
self.owners_in_CID = [
self.vlan_group = None
self.vlan = None
self.in_netbox = False
self.site_id = None
self.vlan_id = None
“network_object”: “”,
“in_CID”: true,
“in_route_table”: false,
“in_batfish”: true,
“batfish_devices”: [
“description”: “student_labs”,
“vrf”: “GREEN”,
“role”: null,
“interfaces_batfish”: [
“status”: null,
“owners_in_CID”: [
“Juan Miller”,
“Desiree Martinez”
“vlan_group”: null,
“vlan”: “100”,
“in_netbox”: false,
“site_id”: 14470,
“vlan_id”: 31159

Looking ahead: Automatic, continuous validation




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